Autonomous Vehicles

Land, water and air; artificial intelligence solutions are used in all autonomous vehicles regardless of the environment in which they operate. In addition, high-volume data used and produced in the development and testing stages of these tools can be processed with special big data applications.

Our Deep Learning Based Spatio-Temporal Prediction/Detection Systems, Artificial Intelligence Based Computer Vision Systems and Anomaly Detection Systems come into play at this point.

Many research institutions and companies around the world are working on autonomous vehicles. We are getting ready to make a difference in this field with our Reinforcement Learning based innovative approaches.


Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Our work on Unmanned Ground Vehicles continues on model vehicles. We are getting ready to integrate the solutions we develop into larger vehicles as they reach a mature level. Our goal is to come up with solutions that can advance vehicles with high reliability even in tough terrain and operating conditions.

Autonomous Automobiles

Big companies around the world are working to develop vehicles that can move autonomously in the urban environment. We are continuing R&D and preparing to offer solutions that will make a difference in this field, especially with our expertise in anomaly detection in flowing data.

Autonomous Air Vehicles

We continue to work on special solutions for drones and the aviation industry, where safety standards are at the highest level.


Solutions for the Energy Sector

Our expertise in Deep Learning-Based Spatio-Temporal Prediction/Detection Systems and Anomaly Detection Systems enables us to offer special solutions for the energy sector. These solutions include energy usage forecasting and anomaly detection on energy consumption data.

Artificial Intelligence-Based Electricity and Natural Gas Production and Consumption Estimation Systems

hat we have developed can be used to obtain future insight for residential/industrial energy consumption with the following capabilities:

Another solution that we provide is anomaly detection on streaming data, which enables energy companies to detect in real time the potential anomalies on energy consumption data.

Solutions for the Retail Industry

The technologies that we have developed in the fields of Deep Learning Based Spatio-temporal Prediction/Detection Systems and Big Data Systems provide a series of solutions for the retail industry. These include forecasting applications for maintenance and inventory management.


Security Applications

We carry out security related projects and product development within the confidentiality needed by the government agencies or public institutions. Please contact us for our work within this context.