About DataBoss

DataBoss is a high-tech company that develops technologies and offers solutions in the fields of artificial intelligence and big data. DataBoss, is a subsidiary of SSTEK

Our Mission

To produce world class genuine artificial intelligence solutions for defense industry that outperform global peer solutions and raise the bar for AI expectations in defense industry.

Our Vision

On one hand, to become the most prominent and featured AI Technology Center for local market, and on the other hand, to extend our expertise in AI from defense industry to other industries and become a global AI solution provider.



Prof. Dr. Süleyman Serdar KOZAT

Founder and General Manager of DataBoss, Professor S. Serdar Kozat, PhD, is at the same time a faculty member at the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of Bilkent University.

Continuing his studies in the fields of online learning, big data and anomaly detection systems, Professor Kozat completed his PhD at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Before joining Bilkent University, he worked as a researcher at the Microsoft Research and IBM Research, and as a faculty at Koç University.

Professor Kozat has many patents obtained during his studies at Microsoft and IBM. He is among the authors of more than 200 articles and technical reports published in peer-reviewed and high-impact academic journals and conferences.

He has received many awards during his career some of which are IBM Research Faculty Award, Parlar Foundation Research Incentive Award, TÜBA-GEBİP Award, TÜBİTAK Career Award. He is a senior member of IEEE.

We Develop Real-Life Solutions

While there are many researchers, institutions and companies working on artificial intelligence and big data topics all around the world, it is still not easy to come up with AI solutions that work in real life conditions. In theory, many products that give very good results in research environments or labs are far below the expected performance in the field. As DataBoss, our key ability is that we can produce AI based solutions that solve real life problems.


From Decision Support Systems to Decision-Making Systems

Most of our solutions target very challenging problems due to factors such as the density, complexity or poor quality of the inputs. On the other hand, as a result of the increasing expectations about Artificial Intelligence, we need to produce solutions that fully meet customer needs in the sense of making up the right decision on time, rather than just supporting the decision making process. With our solutions, we provide our customers with most reliable results at decision level despite all the  challenges.

DataBoss Brief History

DataBoss was founded by Professor S. Serdar Kozat in Ankara.

DataBoss started its activities at Bilkent Cyberpark after setting up its software development infrastructure and building the core software development team.


DataBoss has reached a team of 10 engineers.


DataBoss initiated an R&D project for an adaptable and generic Big Data and Social Media Analysis Application.


DataBoss has initiated an R&D project for a national security system that will be among the first examples of its specific kind worldwide.


DataBoss has reached a team of 20 engineers.


As a result of its progress and performance in the field of AI, DataBoss was partially acquired by SSTEK - the investment company fully owned by the Turkish Presidency of Defense Industries.


With the R&D project launched in 2018 giving very good results in a short period of 6 months, it was further funded and transformed into a 24-month production project.


DataBoss has reached a team of 30 engineers.


DataBoss set-up a team and initiated a self-funded product development effort in the specific field of spatio-temporal prediction.


DataBoss has contracted 5 new projects and reached a team of 50 engineers.


DataBoss stepped into the field of autonomous driving and started producing Reinforcement-Learning Based auto-drive solution.


DataBoss attracted the attention of the world's leading technology companies. With the spatio-temporal prediction solution, DataBoss initiated project negotiations and joint R&D studies with one of these companies.


DataBoss started to provide consultancy and training services in the field of Artificial Intelligence to various public institutions.


Various public institutions started actively using HAVADİS -the Big Data and Social Media Analysis Application- developed by DataBoss.


DataBoss moved its headquarters to METU Technopolis keeping the Bilkent Cyberpark office as the branch office and the company underwent a major organizational structure change.


Bilateral talks have begun for the artificial intelligence solutions needed by the Ministry of Interior of a foreign country.