Deep Learning Based Spatio-Temporal Prediction/Detection Systems


Grounded and Robust Solutions to Predict the Future

We work on the design and development of prediction systems based on spatio-temporal data analysis and deep learning. We develop deep learning systems that can make future predictions with high accuracy based on the information about past events, as well as the relevant environmental data. Our systems can make future predictions at different spatial and temporal resolutions. Thanks to the technologies that we have developed in this field;

  • Detailed retrospective analysis can be performed on spatio-temporal data such as crime, transportation, health, weather, energy etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence based decision support systems can be developed that make precise forecasts.
  • Solutions can be developed that can foresee spatio-temporal changes in numerical data to be used in future-planning activities.

We Catch and Beat The Best Models In The Literature

We carefully design and train our deep learning models considering the nature of the problem and the structure of the data. Our results show that we have developed models that can catch or surpass the state-of-the-art models in the literature. For the defense, aviation and energy sectors, we have designed, developed and integrated end-to-end prediction system solutions that work in real time. The systems that we develop are actively used by many institutions as decision-making systems or decision support systems. Among our featured custom products are "Terrorist Incident and Crime Forecast Application" and "Energy Consumption Forecast System".