Big Data Systems


We Reflect the Synergy of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to Our Solutions

In the field of big data, we develop solutions with AI capabilities that show the best performance in their category. We have many applications and services available in this area some running on local servers (on-premise) and others on cloud.

Open Source Intelligence Platform

Open Source Intelligence Platform is a system that is capable of collecting real-time data from various (open) sources on the Internet and analyzing text and images within collected data. Once data analyzed by various AI models results are displayed through a web-based user interface.

Our AI models apply NLP, computer vision, anomaly detection algorithms on the data so that entities, objects, emotions, locations, events and all other relevant information within the data are extracted automatically for reporting.


HAVADİS – Social Media Analysis and Reporting Service

HAVADİS is a service for fast and reliable collection of texts, images and videos shared on social media and other web platforms like news portals, forums, blogs, dictionaries regarding a certain subject, person, institution, brand etc., and making artificial intelligence-based analysis and reporting. HAVADİS AdExplorer provides tracking and reporting of your brand's social media ads. Please visit HAVADİS page for further details.

Vehicle Sensor Data Analysis System

Vehicle Sensor Data Analysis System is a warning system that makes instant data analysis and anomaly detection on large amounts of data collected from hundreds of sensors on all kinds of vehicle platforms. It provides data analysis functions before, during and after vehicle navigation, and as well, acts as a decision support system for navigation planning, navigation termination, fault detection and maintenance planning.