dbLink – Big Data Analysis and Anomaly Detection Tool

Big Data Analysis and Anomaly Detection Tool dbLink; is a User Entity Behavior Analysis Application that can collect big data in any format from its sources in real time, provides access to key information stored in the data by processing and analyzing the collected data, and detects any individual, group and contextual anomalies within the data.

dbLink can collect real-time data from a wide variety of sources, from internet sources to sensors to IoT devices. It can process data regardless of the format in real time based on deep learning techniques. It can detect individual, group or contextual anomalies in text, visuals, video data, analog/digital signal data, sensor data, log records, network data, device health data etc. and generate early warnings and alarms.

dbLink can both perform all these operations on live streaming data, and also perform relationship analysis and anomaly detection on existing data once manually uploaded to the system.

Application Areas

Point Anomaly Detection

Deviation of a single sample or value from the distribution of the rest of the data.

Group Anomaly Detection

Cases when each series has a nominal behavior but causes an anomalous behavior when considered with other series.

Contextual Anomaly Detection

Deviation of the series in spatial and/or temporal axes.


dbLink can report analysis results in different formats.

Data Sources

Supports mass data upload. New data sources can be rapidly integrated.

Alarm and Early Warning

Raises alarm in case configured threshold values are reached.